domingo, enero 07, 2007

A Generative Dialogue Without Illusions Part 10

Reference: Playing with Fire – Part II

Please be advised that today, before Len posted his last comment, I responded to Len's observations, under the article Demand Response Under EWPC Part 2, about his IMEUC proposal with a revised IMEUC retail to customer switchboard approach. The main reason is that his analogy of the gasoline market does not support his IMEUC wholesale to customer proposal, as gasoline stations are simply retailers that operate under competition just as suggested for EWPC.

If you read closely to the above message, Len is making up a distorted view of EWPC. The reason I perceive is that he now sees the LMP concept in the way of his wholesale to customer switchboard. LMP is the signal where supply meets demand at every location. Under Model 2, LMPs could be very high as transmission lines get congested without sufficient demand response close to the location.

Under Model 3, however, ultraquality long run system planning and design will aim to mitigate congestion with a mix of supply side and demand side resources. In general, LMP calculations before considering the demand side will signal the demand response needed. LMPs are part of the better designs possible. It is with the credibility that is inherent in long run ultraquality, not short run LMPs, that base load generators investments get built as they will get many dispatch hours during the lifetime. Technology obsolescence risk, however, should stay with the investors.

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