domingo, agosto 05, 2007

Worldwide Generative Dialogue Funding Sought

Hi Dave, Len, Todd and interested readers,

These are my humbled conclusions, open to be enhanced, about the article, which complement my initial post Solution to AMI's Intelligrid Dilemma:

1) Smart meters are necessary, but not sufficient. To reduce customer transaction costs under complex trade arrangements to reasonable values, small consumers need to select a retailer of choice, which should be bound to operate under very clear [global] prudential regulations that also apply to generators to protect all customers, generators and retailers with fair competition regulations.

2) For the intelligrid to be the ultimate goal, it needs to follow a superior path to the End-State of the power industry to ensure the physical and human resources needed for the next 30 years. Such path is available with the market design and architecture based on Electricity Without Price Controls (EWPC), a work in progress.

To support in part such conclusions and to answer your statement: “… how separate organizations will do their part to facilitate the process is still under debate throughout the industry,” a synthetic one page explanation can be found on the post EWPC is Pragmatics' Winning Market Architecture and Design. Skeptics, like Fred Banks in the post Let's Get Out of Back Rooms to a Generative Dialogue, may not agree with those conclusions. For those technologies enthusiast, visionaries, and pragmatics, who believe, this should end the debate and be followed by a generative dialogue to reach the End-State of the electricity industry.

I thank all skeptics and especially Len Gould for his great interest in EWPC since the end of 2005, when my first and only article An Alternative Business Case for Demand Response was published.

States, provinces and countries where many industrial and commercial users are facing intense global competition and that have not deregulated are the main candidates for EWPC to replace financial capital with production capital (refer to slide 31). Future contracts of reliable deliveries are the key work performed by 2GRs, which may serve as marketers, brokers and aggregators.

I suggest that it is time to find funding for a worldwide generative dialogue with teeth. Help from readers’ suggestions on how to materialize is sought. Please comment, forward it to friends that might be interested to get involved in the project initiative and/or write in private to me at

P.D.: For those interested in a response to the latest observations by Len, please read the post We Need 2GRs as the Forecast is Always Wrong.

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