domingo, julio 29, 2007

Solution to AMI's Intelligrid Dilemma

I just posted a comment under the EnergyPulse article Just How Smart IS Your Smart Meter? Why Achieving the Intelligrid Should be Your Ultimate Goal, by Dave Turner, Senior Vice President, Energy Practice, Gestalt.

I find Dave's contribution visionary.

The dilemma for and against AMI innovation's timing is solved by restructuring. The "utilities have adopted a common argument against the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI)," becomes a non-issue if Electricity Without Price Controls (EWPC) market architecture and design is the vision adopted. The concept of the utility becomes transformed to a wires only transportation utility, which will get “significant operational benefits that allow utilities to improve critical aspects of their internal operations.”

For more details on EWPC restructuring see the recent posts Synthesis Proposal Agreement of EWPC, Second Generation Retailer - 2GR, NERC Compliance and Power Sector Structure, and EWPC a Customer Orientation, all of which are part of an Ongoing Generative Dialogue in

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