martes, junio 17, 2008

EWPC EPAct will Provide Fair Electricity Prices

In accordance with the “Campaign for Fair Electric Rates, Coalition of Business, Consumer and Utility Groups Launch Major Initiative to Reform Electricity Markets (NOTE: This article link expires on: 07/12/2008) - that a diverse coalition of industrial electricity users, public-interest organizations, consumer groups and publicly-owned electric utilities, representing the interests of millions of consumers, launched with the Campaign for Fair Electric Rates,” what is needed is that the U.S. Congress enacts ASAP the emergent EWPC EPAct.

From the above article link, I take that “According to John Anderson, president of the Electricity Consumers Resource Council (ELCON), ‘Today's organized markets are not competitive, are anti-consumer, and are likely to remain that way without significant action by FERC or Congress.’” That is why we need an EWPC EPAct, as soon as possible, to enable a highly competitive, pro-consumer, complete and fully functional market architecture and design paradigm shift.

I come to that conclusion after the 59 comments that make at the moment the most commented and EWPC article a resounding YES the answer to the question Can the Power Industry Eliminate its Price Controls to the End Customer? Members of the Coalition and stakeholders all over the world are invited to consider and support EWPC as the major initiative to reform global electricity markets.

First posted in the GMH Blog, on June 17th, 2008.

By José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, Ph.D.
Systemic Consultant: Electricity

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