jueves, septiembre 25, 2014

Synthesis of a proposed global partnership on climate and development

This is a translation of the post Síntesis propuesta alianza mundial entre el clima y el desarrollo (links are only in the Spanish version).

In response to the news "Latin America calls for a global partnership on climate and development," this adapts and synthesizes the blog post "Proposal to G20 to boost direct democracy" and all its background.

A global alliance on climate and development is not feasible with the obsolete common sense under which heads of state of supposedly independent countries have been meeting, which would be ruled by the money that drives the EcoNoMy of wild capitalism (which has become increasingly less civilized). For that alliance to become feasible it is necessary to change to an emerging common sense, under with heads of state of recognize that their countries are interdependent, which would be governed by the wisdom that drives EcoIsOurs humanist capitalism.

Instead of more government and less market, which is what is being done, induced by the widespread obsolete common sense, what is required is less government and more market with private sector actors, using the emerging common sense to enable said alliance. Such government would be led by great statesmen (which already can be developed). Markets incentives and disincentives must ensure positive systemic leverage, which is the only way that all stakeholders will have the opportunity to win every day by participating in elections under the direct democracy of the market that people are not expecting but will love. Thus the great statesmen will ensure with the alliance the extinction of vampires in the public and private sectors, disarming the large-scale systemic corruption that has been seriously distorting markets.

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