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Please join the Global Debout leadership community to help emerge a Systemic Civilization Golden Age

The idea of such a leadership community emerged after many though experiments have been conducted on this blog with the feedback of many citizens from several countries. Those citizen might now consider themselves as Global Debout citizens that follow the spirit of the 15-M movement of Spain, which is about interdependence, not independence as some political parties, like Podemos and Ciudadanos have interpreted it.

The last experiments emerged after the post Un País Sin Apagones (A Country Without Blackouts) and its "Quinta actualización. ¿Será el vacío de liderazgo en USA, España y República Dominicana resultado de una voluntad política anti-sistémica?" something like "Is the global leadership vacuum in the USA, Spain, and Dominican Republic due to anti-systemic political will? To make meaningfull the leadership community, we also recall the post Can #GlobalDebaut international call concentrate on an Ashoka like solid framework change? Those two post should be considered integral parts of this post.

Those experiments which can be seen in the Twitter images in Spanish are part of a four tweet conversation in Spanish are repeated above without translation thus far. Taking only the essence of that conversation, we suggest to please consider the post 4 min Video Dr. Carlota Pérez: we may miss a Golden Age. Starting from the end, in support for such a challenge, Dr. Pérez says:
Right now the danger is that because finance is so powerful it is very likely that they will win the day and that the Golden Age will not happen. If the world is not flourishing in 2020, a great opportunity will have been wasted. And that is a great shame. The possibility is undoubtedly there for a global Golden Age. It is the task of this generation to make it a reality.
The intent of this thought experiment is to make the global Golden Age happen with the help of Global Debout citizens, which follows the spirit of the 15-M movement. To get the main idea of the opportunity, we suggest it is critical to spend the 4 minutes and 20 seconds watching the video. Maybe if you are not familiar with her insights more than once.

During the first two minutes, she describes how four technological revolutions have changed the world during the industrial civilization.  By learning from the past, she infers that we should be waiting for the state to step in, to favor production capital instead of finance in the current technological revolution. Right after, she says we should be moving toward a sustainable global Golden Age.

But we all know that’s not happening. Instead of a global Golden Age, the world seems to have been moving to what can be considered the Second Middle Ages, under soaring inequality even in developed countries. Having said that, we have been learning from the emergent future and this are our insights.

To make the Golden Age happen, it is very important to know that just as technological revolutions have precedents, information revolutions that last much longer have precedents too. Peter Drucker argued that we are living in the fourth information revolution, after the third information revolution was about 500 years ago. It was precisely that what enabled the industrial civilization and the declaration of independence by many countries.

The idea of countries that made Declarations of Independence was a good Cartesian thinking approximation that most value creation was in the parts and not in their relationship. Such and argument was questioned by the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce more than 100 years ago. We suggest that Peirce was the first to acknowledge the value of interdependence and thus systemic thinking.

As we understand that the current technological revolution doesn’t correspond to independent countries, it explains why no independent state is available to step in to favor production capital for the whole world. Worst yet, it is the reason why the international community is under a global leadership vacuum.

Such a leadership vacuum of the international community is what driving, deluded voters in many countries, like Venezuela, Spain, the UK, the USA, the Dominicn Republic, that need to be un-deluded to learn they have a future, although different from that of the industrial civilization. That future is in the Golden Age that emerges from interdependent countries.

That technological revolution must correspond to interdependent states under a new civilization which we have been calling the systemic civilization, which begs for an international community above current politics that should make a Declaration of Interdependence. The fact that no interdependent international community exists to promote global production capital, begs the need for a global movement to emerge and fill its leadership vacuum.

She says the it will not happened just by the market. What about systemic markets instead of anti-systemic markets that do what’s best for each individual company?

For those interested in the community, please consider two more videos: a 45 second Steve Jobs' Vision of the World and near 3 minutes "Focusing is about saying no" - Steve Jobs (WWDC'97).

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