jueves, abril 23, 2009

Sent eMail: Power Sector Washington Meeting

To the participants in the solution of the power sector systemic crisis:

This is my message to Washington. It is aimed to the USAID, the IDB and the WB. The last two multilateral financial institutions are already in the process to provide, once again, a definite solution to the systemic crisis of the power sector of the Dominican Republic.

I suggest that the experts at both banks need to understand that there is an emerging whole power industry that is not limited to the Dominican Republic. To convince them, I further suggest they answer to the best of their abilities the post A Question to the State Secretary at the Santo Domingo Digital Town Hall. I hope the USAID get involved by a decision of the State Department as this is a global issue.

In that light, the should consider a few quotes of Secretary Clinton posted in No new source, no new generation, but just use more efficiently what we currently have. The Electricity Without Price Controls framework includes a high leverage financial mechanism designed to integrate energy efficiency to power system planning, operation and control. Such mechanism is critical for the medium term solution of the local crisis here and at other jurisdictions with similar crisis.

The Dominican Republic has the great opportunity to be the first place in the world to complete its reform of the power industry with a fundamental, complete, and fully functional, solution to the global power sector in the new order. I have already envisioned a pilot project to show results.

Hoping that the solution does not center in the sustainability of the investments, but go beyond to ensure maximum social welfare, I remain at your call to collaborate in the substantive effort.

Best regards,

José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, PhD.
Systemic Consultant: Electricity.
BS ´68, MS ´71 & PhD ´72, all from Cornell University.
Valued IEEE Member for 38 Years.
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Research and practice areas, and interests: Electricity Without Price Controls; Systems architecture; Systems thinking; Retail marketing; Customer orientation; Information systems requirements and design; Market rules; Contract assistance

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