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I wrote the followin post under the Energy Pulse article Do You Want to Increase Your Utility's Demand Response and Consider it as a Bigger Player in Resource Planning? - Part 1, by Michael O'Sheasy, Vice President, Retail Pricing and Solutions, Christensen Associates.

Very good first part Michael.

I have introduced a generative dialogue to learn the emergent market architecture and design of the power industry. In synchronicity to your article, I wrote before looking at your article the post EWPC a Customer Orientation which is also included in the post Solution to AMI's Intelligrid Dilemma. I will be expecting your second article with much interest.

In the first post I wrote (2GR is second generation retailers which I suggested earlier to differenciate with 1GR traditional retailers):

Integrating energy efficiency, demand response and other services with advanced metering to the homes makes a strong business case for 2GRs as the developer of integrated resources of the demand side. This is a change from a supply orientation with flip the switch service (exogenous demand) to a customer orientation.

Demand can thus become endogenous in power system planning, operation and control, completing a (demand vs. supply) fully functional market, with both wholesale and retail competition performed with 2GRs in the value chain from generation to customers.That is another angle of what I been calling EWPC.

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