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Is Roger Levy Suggesting Reform?

This is a comment posted under the EnergyPulse article Characterizing and Quantifying the Societal Benefits Attributable to Smart Metering Investments, by Bernard Neenan, Technical Executive, EPRI.

First posted on the GMH Blog on March 25th, 2009 as Is Roger Levy Suggesting Reform?

Dear Bernie and Roger,

Roger has made an excellent post which I strongly believe is calling for the necessary reform. Bernie Neenan should respond. I hope his response takes into consideration the following conceptual framework that supports the needed reform.

According to my practice and research, the emerging whole of the power industry is characterized by the electricity without price controls (EWPC) market architecture and design paradigm. In http://www.energyblogs.com/ I have written 146 articles and posts, showing what I claim are different holographic images from a different perspective of the whole EWPC paradigm. Below I will refer to a few of those images of the whole that touches a specific issue.

The problem is that Bernie is concerned in extending the obsolete investor owned utilities (IOUs) paradigm beyond its capabilities and useful life with another incremental extension. Please see the EWPC articles Just as Pogo, IOUs Found the Enemy and Let’s Avoid Many Expensive Fiascos.

The IOUs paradigm is biased to attract fossil fuels. See the EWPC article The End of the Vicious Pervasive Fossil Fuels is Near.

For the power industry to seek maximum social welfare a new paradigm is needed to offer a new center of attraction. See the article EWPC as a Timely Basic Innovation.

The EWPC paradigm is designed to enable "transparent and better pricing," as Roger suggests. See Value Creation for the Customers.

Recently, I am trying to integrate my comments on Twitter. Please look at twitter’s hashtag #EWPC. To see the few tweets posted as of this date, please click here.

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