miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

DR1: Que se dice - What's being said

Today's edition of the widely read column takes on the electricity sector and the comments made by the Presidential Minister for Technical Affairs, Temistocles Montas. It seems that everything that comes from that sector is bad news. Yesterday, Montas confessed that things had got "much worse" since the PLD government started the privatization process in 1997. Things have reached the point that the subsidy paid by the government to the electricity distributors represents 40% of all the money these entities handle, and this is a whole lot more than what was spent in the days previous to the privatization process just mentioned. The minister offered, as would be expected, an explanation that would justify such a somber diagnosis, however it is surprising in its simplicity: the poor administration of the previous four years. The columnist says that the worst thing is not to prove once again that ! the governments pass on, from one to another, the blame for all the bad things that were done or the good things that were not done, but rather that those that speak in the name of the government do not even entertain us with a false hope of obtaining "sustainability" (in which nobody believes) in the electric sector, in spite of having sold this idea to us as an indispensable requisite to achieve a level of development that, official pronouncements aside, nobody is ready to forecast how or when it will arrive at our doorstep.

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