miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

Dialoguemos: Un Avance Sobre Respuesta de la Demanda

El literal a) del Artículo 4 de la Ley 125-01 no prevé la existencia de la Respuesta de la Demanda, que es la clave para la confiabilidad de los sistemas eléctricos, especialmente en los países en desarrollo, que necesitan aumentar la eficiencia a corto y largo plazo de la infraestructura eléctrica.

El 10 de abril del 2005 hice un cometario en el New York Times titulado "Nukes are Green". The headline was "The biggest environmental threat we face is global warming, not nuclear power." en el que dije "DR is a risk management tool, based on information technology and advanced metering, which leads to fully functioning, and the integration of, wholesale and retail markets. DR is like the glue to integrate distributed generation and storage resources, and the means to mitigate short run price volatility, and long run boom-bust behavior. Just as the DC-3 designers had to integrate 5 technologies, to ushered in the era of commercial air travel (see The Fifth Discipline of Senge), the last of which was wind flaps, so are DR and EE the needed technologies to start the era of reliable and cost effective commercial electric power system.

En "Mi respuesta al planteamiento que también leí en Atlanta y fue bien recibido," el 22 de mayo del 2005, expresé que "Most deregulation efforts separate wholesale and retail markets (assume that large users are part of the wholesale market) dividing the optimization in two parts. That division is now known to be completely flawed, because of the great interdependence and coupling between the two markets. As I visualize it, demand response has the possibility to become the means to obtain the optimal solution that results from the approach of whole-system engineering."

De la nota del 29 de mayo del 2005, en "World Bank on Demand Response: Please Read Italics," copiamos los "italics" que dicen : " New approaches to demand response involving price and quantity rationing have been proposed and successfully tested in several developed countries. Unfortunately, the Bank's client countries are not fully harnessing the potential of demand response to make their power systems more reliable and to provide affordable electricity."

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